Thursday, September 3, 2015



That's only place I know to start. 

I have been absent. Way absent. I wish I had capture the memories over the last year but I haven't. 

Life happened. Like blur, whirlwind, maybe more like a tornado. 

Kids are wonderful. Wonderfully crazy. I can't even lie, they are crazy. Crazily awesome but albeit crazy. 

Harper started kindergarten. She got the teacher I prayed and prayed she would get. She loves it and is doing great. Going to 3 schools every morning is a lot, yall.  She's 49 inches and 46 lbs. 

Campbell started a real pre-school. She loves it. She thinks she's so big. I can't believe she is fixing to be 3! 25 lbs and 36 inches. 

Then there is my dear Amos. My boy. My sole little man. I have never met a more cuddly kid. He's slightly obsessed with his mom and dad. Sisters too. He is more obsessed with me bc he still nurses all the time. Shawn says he will be doing it before he goes to prom. This obsession leads him to not like to sleep with anyone but me. He does a long stretch in his crib but when he wakes he sleeps with me. I don't know if he's ever slept through the night. He's awesome though. 

We are still living in the mother in law suite at the new house. 

When will it be done? We get this a lot. We parted ways with our contractor before he started on the main house. Won't go into here but we did. It was the best decision we have ever made. Doing that allowed us to finish out the whole house for less than his price. We were able to get new bids and actually beat his bids from subs on everything. I can't lie, it's work. Now i see why they charge so much. Shawn and I are constantly doing house stuff but we love it. Well, we did love it. We are ready for this adventure to be over. 

I pray we are in by thanksgiving but I don't see that happening. Everything glare longer when you are dealing with this scale. 

Why do we need a 9000 square foot house? Why do we need 7 bedrooms? 8 bathrooms? Etc. We hear this everyday. I usually say, we don't. For some reason God thought we did and so we have it. Is that to foster kids one day? Help others? Have all my kids live with me forever?(my dream lol) Have elderly parents live with us? Or just lots of extra storage space maybe . I don't know. Maybe to sell and move to Chester. I don't know. All I know is my family has loved this adventure. We love living in this small little area too. Only thing we would change is Amos having a bedroom. Boy needs some distance from his momma 

So here we are. Life is busy. 3 kids keeps us on our toes. We find ourselves staying home more, doing stuff around the house. 3 kids makes it where you either stay home or do stuff all together bc no one can handle 3 kids. We are so close, us 5. I hope it stays this way forever! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Growing Love - 4 months old - Amos Jack

Better late than never. What the lateness is from is I actually took the pictures the day he turned 4 months but then I thought I might as well wait for his appt the following week and the well, I forgot! So here we are, 5 days before 5 months!

You weighed 16 lbs and were 24.5 inches long at 4 months exactly. Today you were 17 lbs 4 ozs and 25 inches long. Today is your first sick day and that was a dang ear infection! Your sinus, nose, allergies have been so bad I knew it would happen! We caught it early though

You started rolling at 4.5 months old and that's only back to belly and that's only been a few times!

You smile. Seriously, smile for days! 

You giggle. No, you belly laugh. Like, makes my heart jump

You rarely cry

Constantly happy. You go with the flow

Your big middle sister did stick a cheetoh in your mouth. Can't lie. It happened, your father had to go get it out of your mouth. We screamed. Campbell got in trouble so yes, your first food will be a cheetoh 

No solids yet. I'm still a stickler about waiting close to 6 months for food all why reasons. Studies definitely shot earlier intro can raise that risk so be patient! You really don't even act interest. We will try in May and see what you think! 

You have blonde hair coming in with pretty blue eyes

You look more like Harper than Campbell. 

You are "big boned" hahaha just like your daddy's baby pics 

You have found your voice and almost sing. Lots of cooing

You have still went a hair backwards in sleeping. You want to sleep with me, I let you. That's all.  Well you do a long stretch in the rock and play

You are grabbing at everything. You grab so you can pull it in your mouth

Slobber for days. It's everywhere 

Size 3 diapers 

No clue on shoes

We moved. Wow, we moved. Not fun but you handled it like you do everything, no big deal. 

You are so happy to be spending time outside 

You are allergic to something that creates a rash on your face. It comes and goes. Hopefully it will go and not come back soon! 

We love you, sort of a lot! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

What is going on with us

Snow Day, folks. I have 3 sleeping babies so I will try and update on what is going on with the Jernigans. 

Let's talk kid wise - we have 3. Oh y'all know that. It seems like the day we had Amos the weather turned cold.  Having a baby in April and September was much better if you are baby planning. Ya know those are always so plannable. Going from 1 to 2 seemed easy. Going from 2-3 was harder. Leaving was way hard. 3 in car seats! I felt like the first 6 weeks you just survive. Then 2 months hits and things get better. Now at close to 4 months I feel like we got this. It helps to have a baby that is laid back and appears to like the chaos and getting juggled around by 2 sisters. 

Okay and what everyone wants to here about . Living in a small town, between us, my parents, mother in law, every where we go people are like what are y'all doing, we have heard this, that, etc. So here it is...

So when he arrived the plan was to build on 20 acres we had bought in the fall. We plan to list the house in spring and when we sold we would build. We needed more space. We loved the 20 acres but there was this 40 acres we were under contract to buy a few years ago and the guy backed out and totally scammed us. The realtor died he was dealing with and the guy became a crook. Shawn and I could never get this property off our mind, we loved it. So I asked Shawn to out our hard feelings aside and call the guy maybe he had change his ways and would honor our agreement now. Shawn reluctantly called and guy was still a crook and said sure he would sell it but wanted over double what we originally agreed too. Hello, re-mad 2 years later. 

As we were driving that day, I said you know the property that I can't ever get out of my mind and he said it's probably it the land I can't ever get out of my mind and I said that 70 acres? We both laughed bc we had not spoke of that property in forever. 

So back track, I am pregnant with C and we heard about this property that was getting a mansion built on it that had been foreclosed on and was on 70 acres. We drove up there and clearly fell in love. Farmhouse meets French country on the most beautiful property you have ever seen. Pond, creek, view for miles, the biggest shop, it's a 2 story shop.  We tried to negotiate with the bank and they were high. Way to high for us. We tried to make a deal for 20 acres and the house, nowhere close. We walked away. 

We did have a builder come look at the house. It's a 3 story, 10,000 square foot house, 9000 heated. 4 car garage, 6-7 bedrooms, 3 bonus rooms, 6 bathrooms, underground built in safe room, 20+ foot ceilings. Totally a pipe dream. 

Okay, fast forward back to Shawn and I having that conversation, within a few days of it, I see the President of the bank that owns it. Local, hometown type bank. He's with the assets manager that I had both dealt with prior on it. I had just assumed that the property had been sold. We chit chat and I ask them about that property and they looked perplexed and said we have honestly forgot that we had that property and no one from bank has even been out there in 2 years?! Whaaa?!

The do most business in Sebastian County so it fell off their radar. The president said I know this is going to sound weird but I've always wanted you and your family to have this property. I want you to have it.  The bank said that they have handled the property horrible and turned down an offer for $750,000 when the foreclosure had first happened and then the next year turned down an offer for $500,000. The original foreclosure had 3 mortgages on it to talking over $1 million dollars along with liens from subcontractors over $300,000.

So I excitedly talk to Shawn and tell him that the bank wants us to have it and are going back to talk it over and tell me what they need for the property. They said they will come down and they think we can make a deal. I'm giddy.

Next day, offer comes in. It's still way too high for us. I'm devastated. I tell the assets manager I am thankful that he gave me such a good offer but that was still too high and we left it out that. Ugh, I was so sad. Let down again. 

Next day, guy calls me back. President said he wants this property for your family. He loves what you stand for, a Christian, working momma and he wishes he had a daughter and a daughter just like me and he will make this happen for ME. I'm still not hopeful. Shawn and I talk, we pray and we both come back with the same number. Same number! I told Shawn that there is no way they will accept this. They might even get mad. Just the land is worth over double. Not to mention the house and shop. 

We make offer. I even started off by saying, I don't want y'all to get mad.....

They take the offer. The bank says this property has been a curse to the bank and we are breaking curse by doing something that may not make sound financial sense but we are doing it. 

Then we are able to sell our house and were able to save realtor fees. We are suppose to close in 2 weeks. I'll be glad when we do just so nothing happens. We didn't even have to make a single home inspection repair. 

Where do we live in the meantime?!?! We did not want to rent. We have animals that won't fit in to city life. Heck, I don't fit in to city life! So we decided to build out a little apartment in one of the areas of the house. It's one of the big den/extra rooms. It's 1000 square feet so we added a bedroom to it and finishing out. A bedroom and the rest will be open area. Fun times!!! 

We are also just finishing out the bottom floor for awhile, maybe forever. The 2 and 3 floors are amazing and have these crazy awesome views but I can't see a time we will need that extra 4000 feet. The downstairs has 5000 living space, 1000 square foot garage, 4 bedrooms, den play area, big kitchen, 2 dining rooms. Plenty of room for us now and maybe ever.  A few of my fave features - the kids all have their own bathroom in their room. We will have the girls share a room until they decide they don't want too. The girls room is so cool! It's go stairs in the room up to another loft room. Ummm can I get that in my room! 3 washer and dryer hook ups. The master bath has 2 separate toilet rooms. Shawn loves that! 4 master closets, the biggest shower I've ever seen. Oh and radiant heat and cooled floors. 

So that is that. We will probably be moving there in 2 weeks. I feel like God has been behind every single bit of it. The house was in the dry except for the windows had been taken and that caused a lot of damage but easily fixable. We had to builders out there and both said it was the most well built house they had ever seen and you could tell the person building it was a builder and went extra mile on everything. 

I just realized that my before pics aren't on this phone anymore but here are a few

The front. I don't have any of the back right now. Yep, it looks like a haunted house 

These are the outside that the house was based off of 
Main living room 

The apartment area we will be living. We are just doing a kitchenette. It will have a full size stove and stuff but just little area 

Breakfast nook

I want ship lap on the peaks for the kitchen and a big rustic beam
View right out back 
The apartment area. French doors and a porch are going there, it was a spot for a fire place but we are taking out some of the fireplace 

There you have it. This is our forever house and we don't plan to ever move again. This move has been emotional for us. It will be so weird leaving our home. The home we brought 3 babies home too and countless other memories. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Growing Love - 3 months - Amos Jack

3 months, Amos Jack.

Time flies when you are chasing 3 kids.  I have 3 kids.  Saying that sounds funny.  Real funny. It has a nice ring to it.  I like being a momma of 3 kids

Amos Jack is 23 1/2 inches long and around 15 lbs.  This is me weighing, then weighing with him.  It actually weighed him at over 15 lbs.  Big.  Fat.  Big Fat. Precious.  Rolls for days. Seriously, did I mention he has rolls for days.  I just thought Harper had rolls.  Campbell, no rolls.  Like bath time is serious with him because you have to make sure all those neckfolds are taken care of.  Yuckness is lurking behind those things

You are so smiley.  Its a sweet smile.  You are really starting to kick and move your arms.  You are trying to grab things. 

I have no clue what shoe size you are.  You are in size 2 diapers but need size 3.  

You do not roll.  Like don't even really try.  You can hold your head up pretty high at tummy time and if you were to lean one way or the other you would probably roll.  You don't even get on your side to roll when you are on your back.  You just hang out.  Grunt, coo, smile, live life.  That is sort of your thing

Here are sister comparisons.  I used the stupid thing to upload so welcome blurry pictures.

I see more Harper in you than Campbell right now.  Harper had a big round head and you have a big round head.  

You have big blue eyes and your hair looks blonde.  Hard to tell

You are really a perfect fit into our family.  We just fit like a glove

The Jernigans have been busy.  Like really busy.  I will update further hopefully soon.  But we bought a house and 70 acres.  Like our dream home that we have loved for 3 years.  Like when I envision my dream home, this happens to be it.  Then we sell our house within 10 days of me putting it on facebook.  We listed it with a realtor but excluded this guy that seemed somewhat interested. A few days after listing, he makes us an offer, like an offer we do not even counter? The guy will be a perfect fit for this house and we worried since we love our neighbors.  We will miss this house so much.  So, where does that leave us? With no home in a few weeks.  The places to rent were just not working for us.  No room for our animals, no room in the house, in subdivisions, the list goes on.  So we decided to finish out this area of the house we were previously not going to finish out and now will be a little apartment area for us.  Fun times! Jernigans hang out in close quarters for 6 months! It will be ready in a few weeks.  I will try to post more on all this later.  I really miss blogging. I miss the detailing of my life, my kid's life.  I really do wish I would start back.  I will do a full house update soon. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Growing Love- 2 months - Amos Jack

I have forgotten to post these! #thirdchild

You are adorably a fat. Rolls for days!

13 lbs and 23 inches. You are over 14 now at 2.5 months

You smile and smile. You love mornings

All 3-6 month clothes. 0-3 seems too tight

Size 2 diapers

No clue on shoes

Your hair looks like it's coming in blonde but who knows. What you were born with is falling out and it looks light coming in but some parts look light brown

You are harassed by your sisters all the time. They love you

You sleep in a rock and play. You go down at 8pm and sleep for 4-8 hours. There is no rhyme or reason to what you sleep. You eat and go back to sleep.

You are happy

You still nap the day away

You started to daycare last week. You were 2 months and a few days old. You aren't napping great there bc they can't hold you all the time

You are perfect in everyway and complete this family

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Amos Jack - 1 month old

Happy 1 month, Amos Jack! Only 5 days late

So I'm going to shoot you straight, here's how your life is going to go, there may be less pictures but that won't mean less memories. For Harper's monthly pictures I spent no less than an hour, multiple outfit changes and many times I decided go redo it. I used the big camera and got her bed all pretty. Campbell got the same treatment but less outfit changes and less time. You, you got sat in a chair bc your sisters girly bedding is on the crib and I took out the ol' iphone and went to clicking for like 10 pictures. You weren't happy, it was close to bed time and I called it a day pretty fast. So there, that doesn't make you any less loved! 

You are 10 lbs 2 ozs and probably 22 inches long. You are going to be more of Harper's size not Csmpbells. 

Your eyes are still dark blue and hair is a dark blonde. To me you don't look a whole lot like either sister, i would lean more to Harper probably. You look just like your daddy's baby pictures 

You have moved up to size 1 diapers

You started smiling, like real smiles at 4 weeks old

You slept your first 2 weeks and then gradually started waking up more

You go to bed around 8-830 and sleep around 4 hours, eat and then usually stay in bed with me bc you don't like to go back in the rock and play. You sleep good so we just roll with it, it's exactly what I did with girls 

We just started doing a bit of tummy time the past few days 

Your sisters adore you. Like obsessed. Always want to hold you and they can't wait for you to play with them

We have not been able to slow down much, you have been carted around everywhere. It's such a busy time with school functions and things like that. The sickness worries me so we try to keep you out of reach of people and praying sickness doesn't hit us

Your daddy and I are still home with you. He will go back to work in February. He wants to stay with you as long as possible! 

You breastfeed like a champ and don't seem to get an upset tummy by anything so that is good! 

We love you and you are the perfect addition to our family. I can't say little family anymore bc we aren't so little! 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Amos Jack's Birth Story

On November 13, 2014 at 4:27pm Amos Jack came into this world.  He weighed 7 lbs even and was 19 inches long.

I have done a birth story for both girls and I need to do it for this little guy!

I have a sleeping baby on my chest and going to type fast so I can guarantee a minimum of 25 grammatical mistakes but bare with it, folks. This is my reminder and if I can understand it that is all that matters! ha!

Let's start with the day before.  I had a doctor's appointment and was still 3cm and 80 effaced.  No change.  It had been 13 days since the doctor had told me that I would not make it 2 more weeks.  The girls at work had a little office cake party for the baby and took me out to lunch

Candice, my law partner, got him his first Tiffany's! A silver spoon with an anchor, my favorite symbol, and his initials engraved on it. 

I was feeling great and was not having any labor pains.

So, Wednesday night at 9pm I was texting my friend, Jamie, about who knows what and I realized that I had two contractions that felt like Braxton hicks contractions but with a slight bit of pain.  I told her about it and we agreed that I better at least get my hair did in case this was the real deal.  I started getting ready.  I text my mom that I was having contractions and they were coming every 5 minutes.  They weren't horrible painful but it was definitely something to them.  I get my hair done, my bags zipped up and at 10pm that stop.  They don't just taper off, they completely stop.  I lay back down and pay attention for an hour and nothing ever starts back up so I go to sleep.

Now, rewind a bit.  After my fast birth with Campbell I had prayed through this whole pregnancy that I would make it to the hospital b/c I had serious concerns that I would not make it.  Every birth usually gets faster and I barely made it last time so I wasn't sure how I would make it if it was faster.  So I prayed and prayed that I make it to the hospital and that the people I wanted to be there would make it too.  It is silly but I had these dreams that the girls would have on their big sister shirts and I would have enough time to sit with them for a little in the hospital room before I had him.  Just hug on them and explain to them that baby brother was fixing to come, take a few pictures and just cherish those last memories.  So, like the last pregnancy I prayed diligently for a natural child birth, this was what I prayed for this time.  Everyone asks about the epidural, non-epidural and my plan was to play it by ear.  I felt like I didn't care much either way.  I had some things happen with the last birth that I do not think would have happened if I would have had an epidural so I truly feel that there are pros and cons to both.  I was so glad I got to do it once but didn't feel strongly either way for this baby.

So, Thursday was a very busy day for me.  I had a trial that morning and an all afternoon mediation.  The next day I had another 1/2 day mediation and then I was free. 

I am in Court in Fort Smith trying a case that morning and everyone thought I wouldn't make it b/c the day before they were betting I would go into labor when I was in court the day prior.  I felt great during the trial and through that morning but everytime I would stand up, I felt like I was leaking water.  I mean, every time.  I went to the restroom and noticed I was having some bleeding.  I started getting nervous.  I was having zero contractions though.  I continued to feel like my water may be leaking but wasn't sure. 

I get done with Court and call my doctor.  He explained that my water leaking could be serious so that I needed to go get a test from labor and delivery to see if it was broken.  He said he did not do them in office.  I thought that meant I walk in, get tested, walk out.  I get to the hospital a little after 11am and realize that you have to actually get admitted to even get this done! I was like no, I am here for just a quick test and they were like no, this is how we do it.  So, I get admitted.  After 3 kids, this is my first labor and delivery trip excluding when I have had the babies or when the doctor had me get an extra ultrasound with Campbell that they did at l&d

So, here is a picture I took to send to Shawn to say ummm, I am in labor and delivery.  However, I decided against it b/c he had Harper and I didn't want him to freak so I told no one I was there, no one.

The nurse gets me checked in and checks to see if my water is broken.  Its a simple test and it shows my water is not broken.  She checks dilation and says that I was a 4cm and almost fully effaced.  She said that Haraway's protocol was to monitor anyone in l&d for at least 30 minutes and then she would release me if he was okay with it.  I kept telling this poor girl, I have to go.  She said she would be fast.  So, she hooks me up and monitors me.  She came in there once and I was like "See, look at that line, I am not having ANY contractions"  She agrees.  After 30 minutes she says she has to check me again and then will notify Haraway and then once he approves, I will get released.  She checks me and she says, "Hmmmm, you feel like a 4.5 now?" She says if I wouldn't have been the one to check you before I wouldn't think anything about a difference in a .5 cm but I am sure you were just a 4 earlier.  I need to go call the doctor.  She comes back in and says he wants to monitor you for 30 more minutes.  It is after 12pm now and I have to be back in Van Buren by 1:30pm.  Like it is a big deal.  She says she will let me "rest" for 30 minutes and be back.  Well, within 5 minutes of her leaving I started having a few BH contractions.  I have those 1/2 the time anyways so I didn't think much.  They were measuring on the machine but they weren't painful.  I had a few of those and within 15 minutes I had a painful contraction, like a 3/10.  Not like screaming pain but painful like the night before.  I thought that was weird.  I measured like an 8 on their machine.  Then a few more BH contractions, then another slightly painful one.  I am thinking this is weird.  Still I am not thinking I am in labor.  With Campbell, they first one was very painful and never let up. 

I wait for 45 minutes and I am getting ticket.  This girl promised me 30 minutes and now it is almost 1pm and she is not there.  About that time she comes back in and I learn she has been watching my contractions on the monitor and Haraway wanted 45 minutes worth to review.  She is suppose to check me again.  She checks me and I am 5.5 cm dilated.  I was like "HUH?!?!?!" She tells me to walk around for 15 minutes and that she was 90% sure I would not be leaving.  I am still in denial and really not thinking I am in labor.  I stand up to get on a robe thing and have a very painful contraction.  First one.  I sit back down for a sec.  And I take a pic and I am like now I need to send this one to Shawn and its me grimacing in pain.  Then for 3-4 minutes I feel nothing so the girl is like walk and lets see what happens but I am almost positive you are in active labor.  As soon as I start walking down the hall, I have back to back contractions and I am like "Ummm yeah, I am in labor" I call work and tell my paralegal, I am in labor and can't make my afternoon.  Still haven't called Shawn.  Call Shawn at 1:15pm.  I am at end of the hall and I tell him I am in labor, I am not even sure if I can make it back down to the hall, he needs to get here.

Here is my grimace face! EEEEK!

Shawn is at my parents with Harper doing something with my dad and I say, go get my bag at home and get here.

I call my mom who was going to be up in Northwest Arkansas that day babysitting the other grandkids.  She had called me at 6am that morning b/c she knew about the contractions and I promised her that I was having no labor symptoms and I did not think labor was coming today and last night was probably from dehydration.  I actually promised her I would not go into labor. 

I hobble back down the hall and I tell the girl that stuff just hit real fast and that I am in labor.  She gave me an I told you so face.  She gets me laid down and checks me, she said "Yep, you are over a 6 cm" This had just been 10 minutes from when I was a 5.5.  I call Shawn back and say, get here!

She calls the doctor and he says he will be down right away.  About that time Shawn is getting there.  The pain is really bad.  Contractions are one after another.  Doctor walks in, checks me and says, "Yep, you are basically an 8".  I am going to break your water and by the time I get my gown on you will be pushing.   This is like 230pm maybe not even that late.  I flip out.  No one is there, my girls aren't there, my momma is not there.  I have tears coming down my eyes.  This is not what I planned.  I wanted to see my kids so bad.  I said, I am not ready yet.  Can we wait? He thought I was crazy.  He said we can have this baby out in 15 minutes probably.  I said I really wanted to wait.  Heck, I didn't even have an IV yet, I was just laying in a bed about to push out a baby.  I was not prepared, mentally prepared for this! HA!

He said that he had patients so he couldn't be back until 4 pm but that baby was doing absolutely perfect, he was showing zero stress from labor and that he was more than willing to wait if I wanted too.  I knew physically I could not sit there in pain for the next hour or two so I asked him if it was too late to get an epidural if I waited.  I said, if its too late than I want to have him now, if it is not too late, I want to get an epidural and wait.  He said no problem.  He said he would be back down in a bit.

The pain was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life, tied for Campbell I guess.  I had to wait a bit for the epidural man.  Shawn was like you do realize we could have already had a baby by now right?!?! I said it didn't matter.  I needed my family there. 

I get the epidural.  They check me after I get the epidural and I am a 10 but says I can continue to wait as long as I want. And as soon as it starts working my mom and kids walk in.  I had the biggest smile on my face! It was exactly what I wanted.  Both my girls in their big sister shirts and my mom who went lord knows how fast to get there.  My heart was happy.  I got to have the girls sit on the bed with me and I was able to talk to them about what was fixing to happen.  They kissed my belly for the last time, we hugged.  I was so happy.  I was feeling great and I got to see my little princesses. 

I told the nurse at 4:15pm I was ready to push.  She says she wants me to do a practice push.  We let Harper stay in the room and I did a practice push and my water exploded.  Like EXPLODED across the room.  On the nurse, on the curtain.  It was crazy.  I have always thought having a baby in the bag of water was so cool and the doctor said I could try but it would probably break before then and boy was he right!

I did one more practice push and the nurse says "Stop, stop, stop all pushing" She proceeds to keep her hand inside me and calls the doctor with the other hand and says okay we need you right away"  He has to come from Cooper Clinic, he didn't even get his car.  He ran across the parking lot.  He throws his scrubs on and walks over to me and he says next contraction to push.  I was having one, so I pushed and he immediately tells me to stop and then says okay, small push and I did a tiny push and baby boy came right out! I was like that was the easiest thing in the world!

He came out screaming and screaming.  He had some lungs.  They let me do skin to skin forever.  My nurse was amazing.  I got to feed him right away.  They let me keep him for 20 minutes before they even weighed him.   

I wanted the girls to be the first person to see him so Shawn went and got them and walked them back to the room.  Harper was in love at first sight.  Campbell wouldn't come near the bed. 

He was perfect.  Completely healthy.  Passed all his test.  Both my girls had jaundice and we had to stay extra time so I was so worried that he would have the same fate but he didn't! We got to leave the hospital in less than 48 hours and were home. 

The first week has been easy.  I hate to jinx it but it has.  He has literally just slept.  I know in the next few days that will change.  I have just taken it easy and held him.  I am not rushing anything.

His cord feel off yesterday on day 8. 

I am going to try to update more often, even if short, to keep track of what they are all doing!

As for me, I feel really good.  Those first few days are always somewhat hard physically.  Hurts to walk, hurts to cough.  Breastfeeding hurts like heck the first week.  I have lost all but 10 lbs of the baby weight! That makes a girl happy but the last 10 lbs is always the hardest.

We are both so happy and just feel like our family has been blessed.  I just stare at these 3 little people and can't believe they are all mine!

Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes.